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Are you a High-Tech Redneck?

How to tell if you might be a "high tech redneck"

If your e-mail address ends in ".over.yonder.com"

If you connect to the World Wide Web via a "Down Home Page"

If the bumper sticker on your truck says "My other computer is a laptop"

If your laptop has a sticker that says "Protected by Smith and Wesson"

If you've ever doubled the value of your truck by installing a cellular phone.

If your computer is worth more than all your cars combined

If your wife said "either she or the computer had to go", and you still don't miss her

If you've ever used a CD-ROM as a coaster to set your beer on

If you ever refer to your computer as "Ole Bessy"

If your screen saver is a bitmap image of your favorite truck, tractor, or farm animal

If you start all your e-mails with the words "Howdy y'all"

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